The world's lightest portable mobility scooter.

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Handlebar and seating position height-adjustable
Electric motor 6kph top speed Easy controls
Aircraft grade alloy frame weighing only 10kg
Comes with 1x Panasonic 252wh Lithium Battery 20km range
Just remove the seat back to fit it into the smallest car boot or pack it to take it on a plane, train, or public transport

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“Freedom to ride around check out the sights”

“My constant companion, my loyal steed”

“Oh how much easier life Is with a TravelScoot”

“TravelScoot gave me my life back”

100,000 Sold Worldwide

We’ve been helping people regain their independence for over 16 years.


We ship to all New Zealand addresses

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See the New Zealand Owner of the Travel Scoot business take the Travel Scoot to Karangahape Gorge on the track. Check Out More Kiwis Stories here

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Get around easily

Enjoy your independence again. You can take the TravelScoot™ with you anywhere – inside or outside public buildings. Join family and friends out and about again without the need for assistance.

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Get down to the shops

The TravelScoot™ is so manoeuvrable it can be used in supermarket, hardware stores, high street stores, shopping centres and foodcourts. You can even add an extra cart from out accessories to increase the storage.

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Fits into a small car

TravelScoot™ easily fits even into the smallest boot. Removing the back seat rest is often enough to ensure it fits. And being the World’s Lightest electric mobility scooter you shouldn’t need any help to lift it in or out.
Watch the video to see just how easy.

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Easy to lift. No help required

Being the World’s Lightest electric mobility scooter has it’s advantages. You can easily manoeuver it up curbs and even up a flight of stairs.Watch the video to see just how easy.

“My wife has even been stopped by teenagers wanting to know where to get one from”

Stephen & Lorna Booth


Why TravelScoot?


With 56 years being a Spina Bifida, Dan knows a lot about mobility and getting around when your legs don’t play along. So if you want more information or a chat about the TravelScoot™ ring Dan.
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