Electric Mobility Scooters in Hamilton

Even with growing efforts to make the world a more friendly, accessible place for people with a disability, some barriers remain. While many of these barriers are “big picture” problems, some of them are more like the facts of life. Even mundane tasks, like shopping for groceries or spending a day outdoors with the grandkids, can require a substantial amount of walking from place to place. When you cannot stay on your feet for very long due to illness or injury, this can be a difficult barrier to overcome. For that reason, many opt for other modes of transport, like scooters, to help them get around.

When you choose to consider purchasing mobility scooters in Hamilton, you don’t have to face a choice between options that seem to actually limit your mobility more, not less. In other words, heavy, bulky and complicated scooters can all be more trouble than they’re worth. If you want to be able to simply pack up your scooter and drive to your favourite park, shopping centre, or even an attraction such as the zoo, why should you need someone else’s help just to get your wheels up off the ground? At TravelScoot, that’s the question we asked ourselves — and it led to an innovative design. With our disability scooter, Hamilton residents can open doors they might have thought were forever closed to them. How?

Go where you want: the freedom electric scooters offer to Hamilton residents

It all begins with world-class German engineering. After recognising the lack of dependable, easily portable electric scooters in the Hamilton market and elsewhere, we began to develop the design for the TravelScoot Deluxe. Knowing what those with a disability encounter every day, we had several goals in mind, each of which the Deluxe achieves. First: lightweight portability. The lightest scooter on the market, it weighs only 15kg — 13kg with the battery removed. More than that, it easily folds down into a compact package you can pick up and carry with you as needed. That means it’s easy to stow in your car too. Think of it like an umbrella: you can keep it stored away until you need it, and when you do, it’s ready in seconds. Its compact size then delivers a comfortable ride that can take you almost anywhere.

TravelScoot is ready and waiting to help

With these features at your disposal, you’ll have access to many more opportunities than before — perhaps it’s even time to start planning some excursions with friends or family to see where you can go now. With the TravelScoot Deluxe, the world can be your oyster once more. Want to learn more about the electric scooters you can find in Hamilton? Contact TravelScoot today and let us know what questions you have. Because we designed the TravelScoot Deluxe to solve the problems we encountered personally, you’ll find our customer service to be friendly, attentive, and understanding. Seize the day and enjoy the confidence that comes from having the ability to go where you want, when you want.

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