Motorised Mobility Scooters For Sale Online

Achieve Greater Independence with Motorised Adult Mobility Scooters from Travelscoot—Available for Sale Online

If you or a loved one struggles with limited mobility, then independence is likely to be an issue. It is difficult to feel truly independent when you need to rely on someone else to help you get around. Adult mobility scooters can help matters significantly, but they also generally have a downfall in that they are not very portable. At Travelscoot, we wanted to solve that problem, which is why we got into the mobility scooter market.

Today, we offer mobility scooters online that are lighter and more portable than anything else on the market. Truthfully, our scooter is the lightest portable mobility scooter in the world. Other brands have made this claim, but most of them have scooters that are the same weight as everyone else’s, usually around 25kg. Our scooter model only weighs 15kg, and that’s including the battery.

How Travelscoot Enhances Mobility and Quality of Life

The right mobility scooter can do so much to enhance mobility and therefore quality of life for people with disabilities, issues associated with ageing or another limited mobility situation. Using these scooters in the house or out in the neighbourhood can give these individuals the ability to get around more easily and take care of themselves. However, many scooters are limited in where they can go by their design. Their weight and unwieldy structure make them difficult to load into the car, take on public transport or bring on an airplane. As such, while these mobility scooters can solve mobility issues at home or close to home, their benefits don’t extend to travel or even to most errands outside the house.

Travelscoot is different. When you research our motorised mobility scooters for sale, you will see that they are designed to fold up into a small, compact size. When folded up, the Travelscoot can fit easily into the overhead compartment of an airplane or the boot of a small car or hatchback. The small size, coupled with the lightweight design, also eliminates the cumbersome nature that plagues many other types of scooters. Even if you struggle with mobility, you will likely be able to fold up your scooter and lift it into the back of your car.

This factor makes Travelscoot a true mobility scooter. No longer will you have to linger near the house because transporting your scooter is difficult. If you need to go grocery shopping, want to get coffee in the morning or just want to go to the park to enjoy a lovely day outside, Travelscoot makes it possible. Just load your scooter into your car or bring it on the bus with you. When you’re ready to use the scooter, just unfold it and off you go!

Get Your Mobility Scooters for Sale

Don’t let mobility issues affect your freedom or quality of life any further. Instead, give Travelscoot a try. Trust us, from the moment you’ve folded up your scooter for the first time and tucked it into the backseat of your car, you will never want to use another scooter again. Give us a call today if you have any questions.

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