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Travelscoot: A Lightweight Electric Mobility Scooter for Adults That You Can Trust—for Sale Online Today

When it comes to electric mobility scooters for adults, it’s important to strike a balance between scooter weight and overall durability. Lightweight scooters that can easily fold up are ideal in most situations—especially travel. However, some customers worry that lighter scooters may be too flimsy; they worry that these scooters won’t be strong enough to offer safety and stability.

How Travelscoot Balances Weight and Strength

Travelscoot rejects this common misconception. Our electric scooters are the lightest, strongest scooters in the world. Where the average ‘lightweight’ scooter tends to weigh in around 25kg, our scooters are only 15kg, including the battery. This lightweight design also allows the scooter to be folded up into a compact, portable shape. If you need to take your scooter in the car, on a bus, train or even on an airplane, it’s tough to beat Travelscoot.

At the same time, all Travelscoot scooters are designed with strength and stability in mind. We do not use cheap materials for these scooters. Instead, our mobility scooters are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium. We even back the scooter with a two year warranty, because we know that we can stand fully behind the quality of our product.

The result is an extremely durable scooter design. It can be easily adjusted to suit the height and comfort of the user. When the time comes to fold the scooter up for travel, it’s easy to do that too, all without breaking the scooter or causing stability problems.

Enjoying the Brilliance of Portable Electric Scooters

When we started Travelscoot six years ago, we did so in part because we saw the need for a more portable type of mobility scooter. We knew how hard it was for consumers to find easily portable electric scooters for sale. We also knew that many lighter weight scooters had a reputation for being cheap or flimsy. We wanted to offer a product that overcame these disadvantages and reaffirmed our collective faith in the durable, portable electric scooter.

Today, we believe we have achieved each of the goals we set for ourselves six years ago. We have also been able to watch as more and more people have made the leap to Travelscoot and discovered the benefits it offers them. We have seen how Travelscoot expands mobility for the individuals who use it. We’ve heard from users who can now drive themselves to watch their grandchildren in sporting events, or who can transport themselves to the supermarket —all because they now have a truly portable mobility scooter. It used to be harder for seniors or other folks with mobility issues to pack up some scooters and fit them in the car, drive to their destination and then unfold their scooters for easy use. The Travelscoot makes all of this possible and more, and it’s redefining mobility as a result.

Are you looking for an electric scooter online? Invest in the Travelscoot for something portable, durable and ultimately reliable. Contact us today if you have any questions.

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