Fold Up & Collapsible Electric Motorised Scooter

Enjoy the Convenience of Folding Technology: Choosing a New Motorised Mobility Scooter That You Can Fold Up Easily

These days there seems to be no shortage of gadgets and technology meant to make our lives easier. New developments impact everything from the smartphones we use, to the Internet and the cars that we drive. Does it sometimes feel to you as though other areas have stagnated instead of moving forward? When you first begin to survey your options for mobility scooters, this might be how you feel. Many of the products you’ll come across are large and heavy. Sure, they might advertise an ultra-long battery life — but that comes with drawbacks in the form of weight and travel restrictions. You’re not going to heft a bulky four-wheeled scooter into the overhead bin on your flight overseas, that’s for certain.

At TravelScoot, we experienced the same type of frustration looking at the market for mobility products. It seemed as though there was a lack of truly good lightweight options, yet there are many people who would see an immediate benefit from access to such a scooter. That’s why we put in the time and effort to engineer and produce a collapsible mobility scooter that can transform the way you explore your environment. From travelling safely to getting around town to run your errands with ease, the TravelScoot brings a number of advantages to the table. Why should you consider a folding mobility scooter over another type of model?

Why choose a TravelScoot collapsible mobility scooter?

There are a few reasons. Convenience is the number one reason of course. You may not have much space at home or in your vehicle. With a fold up electric scooterthat can fit into a standard hatchback, or even the overhead bin of a plane, you can take it many more places — and it’s never in the way when you don’t need it. Non-folding scooters can take up a substantial amount of space and are certainly too heavy to pick up and carry, limiting their utility and often requiring a second or even a third pair of hands to move and set up for use.

A scooter like ours naturally also has a slimmer profile without compromising on your comfort or the stability of the ride. This enables you to easily move through more spaces with ease. When you do encounter terrain or a space too tricky for your scooter, you can collapse it immediately and carry it to a better spot.

Reconnect with your environment and enjoy

It’s easy to see that with a fold up motorised scooter, you’ll encounter fewer hassles, have the ability to go where you like, and even the opportunity to travel far and wide without worrying about bulk or weight. Our thousands of satisfied customers have plenty to say about their love for the TravelScoot Deluxe, and we hope that you will, too. With German engineering and highly durable materials that can withstand plenty of travel, folding, unfolding and more, you don’t have to worry about a sudden inconvenience, either. When you’re ready, view more product information or get in touch with the team to sort out any enquiries you might have.

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